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Quills Elite
quills elite; last drabble writer standing
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Welcome to quills_elite. To gain access to this community you must first be sorted into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff at sorting_elite. Information about the communities, rules and activities can be found at elite_hogwarts. The community offers a wide range of Harry Potter related discussions, activities and contests. If you are interested, please consider applying.

Headmaster Contact Post; here. {moderator contact
Headmistress Contact Post; here. {moderator contact
Hogwarts Elite Official F.A.Q.; here. {please read!important
Idiot's Guide to Sorting; here. {tips before you apply
Sorting Application; here. {get sorted into a house

animagus_elite; rules. {marauder era rpg

blood_serpent; rules. {slytherin only

Complaints Post; here. {official complaint thread
Contest Schedule; here. {full contest listing

diagon_elite; rules. {post graphics for points

eagle_eyed; rules. {ravenclaw only

firebolt_elite; rules. {ravenclaw only

Gryffindor Head Girl Contact Post; here. {moderator contact

headgirl_elite; rules. {head girls only
hogsmeade_elite; rules. {special weekend only
hogwarts_elite; rules. {main community
Hufflepuff Head Girl Contact Post; here. {moderator contact
knockturn_elite; rules. {image based contests

lions_heart; rules. {gryffindor only
lounge_elite; rules. {staff only
loyal_badger; rules. {hufflepuff only

marauder_elite; rules. {marauder era rpg
ministry_elite; rules. {complaints, resign/return, owlery

Owlery Member Contact Post; here. {member contact info

prefects_elite; rules. {prefects only
prophet_elite; rules. {post writing and fan art for points

quibbler_elite; here. {random contests
quills_elite; here. {writing based contests

Ravenclaw Head Girl Contact Post; here. {moderator contact
Resign Registry; here. {leave the community
Return Registry; here. {rejoin the community

Slytherin Head Girl Contact Post; here. {moderator contact
sorting_elite; rules. {read the rules before applying

wizen_elite; rules. {apply to change houses
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